Andrew Jackson McCurry and wife Mary Margaret Adams McCurry, circa 1880?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Malcolm McCurry (or McCourry) Gravestone and More UPDATED

My dad always thought our branch of the McCurry family was descended from Malcolm McCurry's first family in New Jersey.  Scroll down a bit on this nice North Carolina genealogy site to read a good article about Malcolm.

Yancey County is northeast of Asheville, NC.   Burnsville is the main town in the county.  Jacks Creek where his land is located is north of Burnsville, perhaps 8-10 miles away but a 15 minute drive due to all the mountains in the way.

I found a bit more information about the local New Jersey militia he was co-quartermaster for in the Revolutionary War here.  Apparently he (Malhoun McCurry?) was part of the Western Battalion.

You may be interested in Sally McCurry's article about Malcolm.

UPDATE:  Apparently Malcolm was born in 1742 and died in 1829.

UPDATE #2:  Here is a bit about his parents--Scott McQuahrie and wife, Malcom's two wives and children.

Another picture of his tombstone.  I don't know who is posing around the grave.

Here is a bit about his second wife, Sally Lynn, who was born in 1776.  It is not known when she died.

Here is information about two of their children, James Lynn McCourry, Sr.  and...

Harriet Harrison McCourry Tucker.  As is typical of our family, James Lynn McCourry named his first child after his father (Malcolm McCourry born 1820-?).  The name repeats used to drive my dad nuts as he researched his family.

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